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Pre-Fall 21


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Synergy, harmony, light and love, a world out of balance now realigned. Aje looks to the origins and philosophy of ancient meditative and yogic practises for Pre-Fall 21, Equilibrium.

Deep rooted in a desire to reject ignorance and acquire knowledge, to create heightened awareness of one’s surroundings, to achieve inner peace in parallel with a constant state of mindfulness, designers Edwina Forest and Adrian Norris, were drawn to the enduring strength of these practices, dating back to 3000 BC, as relevant as ever through the lens of today.

Ignited in a global union of consciousness, the collection implores the wearer to reignite their own state of balance, to delve into the alignment of their own physical, mental and spiritual selves. Through a projected aura of optimism, Equilibrium embodies the yin and the yang, an edit of perfectly differing opposites attracted in a state of harmony and bliss. Find wrapping and unwrapping, light and shade, symmetry and asymmetry, untamed volume and relaxed tailoring, bold colours meeting muted hues, all underpinned by the concept of layering and the ability to peel back from the surface to the core.

A delicate balance in a moving world, step into a new chapter with Aje.

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