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The ‘Return Of The Catara’ | As Seen On Aje Muse, Nadia Fairfax-Wayne

Revived. Reimagined. Returning: Aje’s cult classic Catara Sequin Mini Skirt has made a long-awaited comeback for Resort 23 ‘Sculptura’.


First created in 2010 and coveted ever since, discover today's take on the iconic design—along with an array of new pieces—as styled and worn by longstanding Aje Muse, Nadia Fairfax-Wayne.


From its humble origins to its modern reimagining, keep reading to explore the New Catara story.

Nadia Fairfax Wayne wears the Evelyn Sequin Top and New Catara Sequin Mini Skirt. Photography by Ashleigh Larden.

To recreate the iconic style—best remembered for its angular hem cut-outs and allover sequin embellishment—Aje Co-founders Adrian Norris and Edwina Forest began by revisiting the beloved original.


“[The Catara] was definitely the first cult item that Edwina and I ever designed," says Aje Co-founder Adrian Norris.


"We were both living and working in Bali at the time, and we had a little shop in Potts Point and were experimenting with sequin skirts and how to make them different. That led to us developing the signature cut outs, and they ended up being a huge success for us.”

In designing the new take on the cult classic, the duo looked to evolve the classic Catara while retaining its distinctive silhouette, naturally turning to Nadia to style its recreation when envisioning the look.


“We really wanted to go back and explore the original—which was very short. This time, we wanted it to be slightly longer, a bit cooler—something an Aje Woman would love to add to her wardrobe,” Adrian says.


“Nadia was one of the first people to be rocking that skirt around town! She was definitely part of the reason that it was such a success, and we definitely couldn’t have partnered with anyone else to bring it back to life.”

Debuting the updated design on the Resort 23 ‘Sculptura’ runway in May 2022, the New Catara Sequin Mini Skirt recalls and reshapes the original’s asymmetric hem cut-outs, this time leaning into soft, fluid lines, while the iridescent hand-beaded sequins are turned upright instead of stitched flat to create textural dimension.


Developing the silhouette further across an array of new pieces, the classic skirt also inspired the New Catara Sequin Midi dress and Off Shoulder Top, both reinterpreting the original's cut-out details and sequin embellishment to accent waistlines to great effect.

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Photographer: Ashleigh Larden.

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