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At Home With | Digital Content Creator Lisa Danielle Smith

Close to our heart, Aje loves to celebrate homegrown creatives and taste makers, sharing their stories of how they live. We provide a private tour of the Byron Bay home of content creative; Lisa Danielle Smith.

Reflecting the collaborative spirit that underpins Lisa Danielle’s creative work and imagery, her husband Jamie sits behind the camera for the latest in our At Home With series.

Interior details of natural wood and textural travertine

You grew up in the Sunshine State and later moved to Melbourne, before creating a home in Byron Bay. What is it about Byron that is so compelling to Australians?


Growing up on the Gold Coast we were coming down to visit Byron Bay for as long as I remember, there’s something so special about this town, you feel it as soon as you arrive. Whether it’s the beautiful beaches, the sunshine, the community feel, or the special history of the traditional owners of the land - it’s known as a place where people come to heal. We always knew we wanted to end up here, we thought we would move here when we were much older, but in our mid 20’s we decided there was no better time than now! We risked our careers in Melbourne to follow our hearts and it’s the best decision we ever made.


You’ve recently welcomed your daughter, Gigi Rae. Describe a ‘new’ day in the life which includes family and work combined.


It begins as the sun rises… Jamie gets up first, puts a record on and starts the coffee machine. He brings me coffee in bed while I feed Gigi, we then head down to our new local beach for a beautiful walk and a swim! We get home, make breakfast & work out our priorities and jobs for the day. We’re both so lucky to have an abundance of work at the moment, so we go in turns taking care of Gigi while the other works. Jamie is either on a photoshoot, editing or planning for his next campaign. While I am creating content for brands and working on fashion and home styling projects. Oh and also trying to renovate our new home while we’re at it!

In these ever-changing times, how do you stay uplifted and spirited?


I believe that being present and grateful for the current moment is the best way to stay uplifted, all we truly have is this moment and the people around us. Every morning while we walk on the beach, we each say three things we’re grateful for. I love to plan for the future, but I prefer to focus on the now more.

Fresh florals and hand painted ceramics

Have you found a certain joy in slowing down? What rituals are you drawn to?


loved slowing down around the time Gigi was born and the few months after, although it didn’t take long for life to feel like it was at full force again! But I try to remember how much I loved slowing down in that time, rituals I love are - daily baths, music and coffee in the mornings instead of being on our phones, sunrise walks and spending time styling around the home to make our space feel calm and beautiful.


There is sense of tranquillity, understated luxury and an earthy palette to your beautiful space. How and when have you curated all of your interior pieces?


We were of course inspired by our travels the past few years and when travel came to a halt early this year, we decided to invest in some beautiful furniture for the home as we knew we would be spending a lot more time here! We found our vintage velvet couch and travertine dining table and styled around those. Adding ceramics, art, coffee table books and fresh flowers. We’re renovating our home over the next six months and I can’t wait to be able to add to our space with more beautiful textures and personal touches. I am so so excited!

Refreshments of choice, via Quincy Seltzer

As we safely prepare for holiday, entertaining and summer season; what are your staples for the ultimate long lunch or dinner party?


We’re currently working on the landscaping on our front yard to create a little courtyard for us to have some beautiful lunches over the Summer! I’m imagining a beautiful long wooden rustic table and chairs, a soft linen table cloth, ceramics, flowers and tall candles. Add some beautiful fresh salads, bread, olives and of course some Quincy Seltzers - they are honestly so fresh and yummy! Poured into a glass over ice, with a generous squeeze of lime.


As a content creative, what is your number one tip to mastering the perfect photo or image?


Light is everything! Soft morning light or the glow just before the sun goes down, are our favourite times to take dreamy photos.

To you, what items are essential to build an effortlessly stylish and functional wardrobe?


It’s tempting to fill our wardrobes with dreamy dresses - I did that but struggled to dress day to day! So now that I’ve got that department well and truly sorted, I’ve been focusing on great basics. Think denim pieces, structured pants, singlets and shirts. Can I add that Aje does the most incredible denim!


Are there any local artists or artisans that you love to support?


We love our artwork by local artist Jai Vasicek and collect many of our homewares from Tigmi Trading and Nikau.

Aje Insider : Lisa Danielle Smith

Photographer : Jamie Green

Produced in partnership with Quincy Seltzer.


Captured in Byron Bay, Australia

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