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Creative Collective | Stylist and Creative Jaime Ridge

As Aje looks to the natural world for endless inspiration, we sought Aje girl and New Zealand born, LA based stylist and creative Jaime Dillon Ridge to depict nature’s wondrous process. 


At a time of global uncertainty, set in the Californian mountain ranges – Jaime Ridge wears Resort 21 collection ‘Chroma’, defining the inextricably emotive link between the natural environment and the world of colour.


Discover Jaime as our latest Aje Insider, captured by Dani Drasin.

As an early adopter of socially-driven content, you provide a meticulous level of concept to creation, in front of and behind the lens. Why were you drawn to this location, aesthetically and conceptually? 


That’s so incredibly kind, thank you! The Vasquez Rock natural sandstone formations are simply breathtaking. The park is 932 acres of spectacular rock formations that formed in prehistoric times when the sandstone rocks were uplifted at the picturesque angles you can see throughout the imagery captured. The textures and tones of the Vaquez Rocks made the rich, natural prehistoric landscape the perfect backdrop to showcase the vibrant Aje Chroma colourful collection. 

In this ever-challenging social climate, what has been your biggest learning this year?


The true realisation how how incredibly privileged I am. Most of us in Australia and New Zealand are born into a certain amount of privilege and there is no denying I have taken that for granted. It’s hard to fathom that even in todays age there is still ample amount of prejudice, systemic racism and bias. We can all do more to be empathetic, understanding, amplify diverse voices and do what is right in both bigger social issues as well as within the fashion industry. 2020 has been an eye opening year in so many ways. Owning your voice and standing for a more fair and just world, as well as practicing gratitude and appreciation have been my two key learnings. I know I’ll walk into 2021 with active appreciation, and a deeper knowledge and understanding of social issues than I did in 2020. I choose to look at 2020 as a year of personal growth and learning, so for that I’ll be forever grateful. 

Do you feel being away from home and in the States has heightened that feeling? 


Living in LA through the social unrest of 2020, you can’t hide from the fact that there is a large inequality gap in the US. Seeing it firsthand has meant it hits harder than it ever has before. It’s made more untenable when elected leaders inflame these tensions and deepen this divide. It’s hard to watch, it’s hard to understand, but it’s so incredibly important that we educate ourselves and actively work to abolish these societal divides. It’s about conversing, listening, reading, growing and making every choice an active choice.

Has living in LA informed a renewed sense of creativity?


Living in LA, especially the past year, has undoubtably shaped the way I work creativity. Additional to the shift in aesthetics, I’ve also become more resourceful and learnt new skill sets. Moving away from everything and everyone you know has it’s challenges, but it’s incredible to look back and see the evolution of work and how creatively and practically my work has shifted in so many.    

What do you cherish most about your home-town of Auckland?


It goes without saying that I cherish and miss my family and friends incredibly much, but aside from the obvious I also cherish the relaxed pace of New Zealand life which is a stark contrast to my life here in LA. It’s lovely to be able to go home for a few months every year to ground myself, reconnect and reset.


What projects are you most drawn to or inspired by right now?


I’m currently most inspired by two arts - the art of film photography and the art of interior architecture. I love that film photography is rooted in the rule that there are only a certain number of images, it’s incredibly refreshing in comparison to digital. The rawness and the richness of the images are everything. Interior architecture is currently at the forefront of my creative conscious, I believe being at home for the last nine months, paired with the excitement of purchasing and renovating our new home contribute to my current mindset. 

How have you found creativity and escapism without being able to travel for work?


Travel has always been my main source of creative inspiration so it’s been a challenging year creatively in that regard. However I’ve always looked to books, magazines, architecture and art for forms of inspiration and escapism - so this year I’ve leaned more heavily into these forms. 



What is your personal style mantra? 


Whether it be through SAUSSE by global product sourcing company or my creative production and styling consultancy work, through each and every facet of my day to day life I'm exposed to an outrageous numbers of beautiful things. When you appreciate the craft and the art side of the fashion industry the way I do, it’s easy to fall in love with everything. I’ve purchased so many pieces in the past that I’ve never worn, simply because they’re not fitting to my personal style. So, now whenever I think about purchasing something, the very first question I ask myself is ‘is this the woman I want to be’ - it makes me stop, think and really consider each and every purchase. The days of over consumption are coming to an end, we all need to be considered shoppers. Our planet simply demands it. 

Aje Insider : Jaime Ridge

Photographer : Dani Drasin

Special thanks to Tommy Bates.


Captured in Los Angeles, USA

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