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An effervescent renaissance woman, Natalie Lim Suarez is an LA native living in NYC with a distinctive and elevated approach to style that has garnered her both a notable following and fashion insider recognition alike.


The latest Aje Insider, a creative director and model with a vibrant passion for photography, music and fashion, as showcased through her platform Natalie Off Duty, Natalie photographed Aje’s escapist Cruise 22 collection against the tropical backdrop of Palm Beach, Florida. Think glamorous afternoons by the pool sipping a cocktail alongside the vista of Palm Beach’s coastline and dinner date nights in the courtyard under picturesque palm trees.


A palette of fresh whites, sun-drenched yellow, rich fuschia and Aje’s hand painted zesty lime print with dramatic raw ruffles, unexpected asymmetric cut outs and statement mini lengths, are perfect for balmy summer days.


With a Chinese and Hispanic heritage, an appreciation for travel, vibrant culture and a diverse range of cultural references feed into Natalie’s viewpoint. Bask in Natalie’s illustrious perspective through her Aje Report. In conversation with Aje, Natalie shared her insider travel tips, fail-safe summer beauty must-haves, favourite looks from Cruise 22 and the secrets behind her style evolution.


A postcard from Palm Beach, take a tropical escape with Natalie Lim Suarez in Cruise 22.

You photographed Aje’s Cruise collection in Palm Beach - share some of your favourite activities, places to eat and sights?


This was my very first visit to Palm Beach, and I've always wanted to explore this island! After numerous trips to Miami, which is so much fun, but very busy, it was nice to visit Palm Beach's super quiet and beautiful neighborhoods.

I stayed with my family at The Brazilian Court. It's on a gorgeous residential street. It was so charming. I definitely recommend staying at the hotel and grabbing a candlelit dinner at Cafe Boulud, followed by a night swim and dip in the hot tub. For day, I'd take a walk to The Colony Hotel. Grab a cocktail in the backyard. Just the beautiful pastel pinks around the hotel will get you in a good mood.


Did you discover any hidden gems in Florida?


I discovered Pan's Garden in Palm Beach on a bike ride one day. It was so serene and pretty. It's an amazing spot to sit and meditate or read a book. There are fountains, beautiful plants, and statues. Just stop there and take a deep breath.

How does your style transform or change when you are traveling/on holiday? Do you dress differently in Florida as opposed to NYC where you’re usually based?


The weather was super balmy in Palm Beach, so it's totally a different change from a holiday in NYC. I feel my playful and colorful side comes out in Palm Beach. Also, my feminine side. I'm all about showing more leg, wearing bright colors, and interesting shapes. It's all about a subtle glamor with a chic earring and sandal heel. In NYC, I'm a lot more tailored and understated. When I'm away on holiday, I go wild with color and prints.


Where do you find inspiration for your creative endeavours? How do your different creative pursuits inform each other?


My creativity in all things is inspired by travel, old photographs, and soulful music. I like my clothes to tell a story and to evoke a mood. I really do find style and clothing to be an art. Most of all, allowing myself to be free in my creativity, makes me feel good. That's mostly what it comes down to. It's a lifestyle that comes from imagination.



“The white mini is a must-have from the collection, especially paired with the oversize white sunglasses. It felt so typical Palm Beach. Glamorous and fun.”

The Bonjour Asymmetric Mini Dress and Aje X Local Supply The Square Sunglasses

The Bonjour Asymmetric Mini Dress and Aje X Local Supply The Square Sunglasses

Growing up in The U.S. with Chinese and Hispanic heritage, how has your upbringing influenced your personal style? If so, in what ways and which elements of your heritage are you most drawn to?


Both my mother and father really appreciated art and style as I was growing up. They appreciated beauty in everything timeless. I think that's where my eye for timeless style comes from.

I feel lucky to have grown up with Chinese and Hispanic heritages. It has opened my eyes to the world outside of the US. My cultures have so much vibrancy and a shared love for fashion, food, and people. My Chinese background has really influenced me in my spiritual side. My Hispanic heritage has influenced me in togetherness and family.


A passion for music is a recurrent theme in your life; which artists/genres of music are your favourite musicians that evoke jetset summers or nostalgic balmy days for you?


I love 70's soul. Marvin Gaye, The Supremes, and Aretha Franklin. They make me want to get up and dance in the sun.

“It's all about a subtle glamor with a chic earring and sandal heel. When I'm away on holiday, I go wild with color and prints.”

What are your fail-safe, favourite summer beauty products?


I can't travel without these products:

-Guerlain Abeille Royale Advanced Youth Watery Face Oil

-Sunday Riley's Light Hearted Sunscreen SPF 30

-Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra Longwear Concealer

-Merit Flush Balm Cheek Color in Raspberry Beret

-CHANEL Rouge Allure Lip Ink in Chocolate



Which pieces in Aje’s Cruise collection were you most drawn to?


I really love the way Aje does a midi dress. It's always so elegant and versatile that it works for just about any occasion, day or night. The vibrant purple dress is a piece I see myself wearing for seasons to come. It will never go out of style. It has a really artistic and unique cut on the arms and on the waist that makes it super special.

I'm also so drawn to this bright lemon yellow set. It's playful and sexy. It brings out my girly side.

The other printed set really caught my eye with it's gorgeous voluminous sleeves. I want to wear this to a party on the beach.

The white mini is a must-have from the collection, especially paired with the oversize white sunglasses. It felt so typical Palm Beach. Glamorous and fun.



"I like my clothes to tell a story and to evoke a mood."

Which Aje pieces would you wear to a) a first date, b) a sunny destination and C) a night out with your girlfriends?


For a first date, I would wear the playful yellow set. It's fun, and feels carefree.


For a sunny destination, I'll wear the white mini to go with a nice tan.


For a night out with my girlfriends, I'm wearing the printed voluminous sleeves and shorts because there is bound to be dancing!


Having modeled since the age of 15, were you interested in fashion growing up? Do you remember your first ‘fashion moment’?


I was practicing in the performing arts a lot while growing up, singing and dancing. Our costumes on stage were definitely my first fashion moments. Lots of glitter and velvet. Off stage, I was a tomboy at heart. Denim was my go-to. It wasn't until I discovered vintage that my true style came out. I love a blast from the past, or something with a story. I remember buying vintage English coats from a ballerina. I fell in love with the tailoring and the fit. My love for timeless style really began.

How has your style evolved over the years? How would you now describe your personal style?


My personal style is easy, timeless, and classic. I'm a Los Angeles native, where the style is super relaxed. In my heart, I always wanted to dress up. After living in NYC, I can do that, in an understated and chic way. I guess I'm more of a big city girl


What are the three essential items in your wardrobe?


An oversized black blazer, a great pair of classic sunglasses, and an elevated bag. With these items, you can transform just about anything.


Aje’s Cruise collection is inspired by destination holidays and balmy, summer days. Share your favourite summer memory.


My favorite summer memory is waking up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and eating curry for breakfast off of a banana leaf. That's where my mom is from and what she grew up eating. I loved getting to experience it with her.



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