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Resort 22 Runway

Aje’s predilection for raw beauty came through in the hair and make up direction for Resort 22’s ‘Scent of Summer’, as conceived by Creative Director Edwina Forest together with Hair Director Julia Homard and Make Up Director Isabella Schmid.


Aje transported the sentiment of summer into a wearable, naturally effortless look for the runway in ‘Scent of Summer’; enhancing each model’s natural features. The Aje look embodied the mood of summer, captured by brand partners MONDAY Haircare, Vanessa Megan and Gloss & Co.


Read on to inspire your own look from ‘Scent of Summer’.


Jessica Bertoncelo backstage in the Royal Botanic Garden

Naturally tousled hair with shine took over the runway, with MONDAY Haircare, led by longtime collaborator Julia Hamard of J Salon. It’s weightlessness was achieved with gentle finishes as each Aje muse had a curated hairstyle to suit their natural hair. The different part lines for the Aje muse made its movement more effortless. Select models had their hair tucked behind their ears which showcased the beauty look with ease.

The hero of the look was a fresh and effortless glow on the skin. Achieved with Australian nutraceutical skincare brand Vanessa Megan, led by close collaborator Isabella Schmid, the subtle mascara complimented the cleanness of the brushed up brows. Biode body care then enhanced this fresh palette with skin salve products applied to stain the lip and cheek ever so slightly.

Holly Magson getting her skin prepped for the runway.

Zoe Blume wears Forbid by Gloss & Co.

A sensory experience of summertime bliss was made possible by Gloss & Co, with tailored nail care in hues of Olive, Bare It All and Forbid. These native colours celebrated the surroundings and contrasted, yet brought the collection to life.

Aje sincerely thanks our brand partners for contributing their specialties to the Resort 22 runway.


Shimma Marie having final hair touch ups.

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