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Most Wanted | Meet The ‘Biophilia’ Best Sellers That Define The Aje Aesthetic

Taking form in a kaleidoscope of colour, Aje’s Pre-Fall 22 ‘Biophilia’ collection is one that will live on in wardrobes for years to come.


Created to withstand the ebb and flow of seasonal trends, the considered collection spawned a number of best sellers since its launch, each one defined by timeless Aje signatures and traditional design codes.

From flowing dresses with romantic ruching, to artisanal accents adorning classic outerwear, explore a curation of the most wanted looks from ‘Biophilia’ below.

Inspired by great works of architectural splendour that exist in symbiosis with the natural world, Pre-Fall 22 drew on the dialogue between human-made structures and living matter. It melded modern materials with organic aesthetics and examined both this harmony and dichotomy.

‘Biophilia’ was constructed in abstract silhouettes and featured a dynamic colour palette inspired by exotic flora and fauna; vivid blues of cleansing water, raw textures, verdant greens and vibrant spills of colour, as seen in the stained glass windows of Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia. Organic detailing, natural fabrications and signature design codes were combined with irregular shapes of art nouveau forms and imbued with the tough femininity of the Aje brand

Pre-Fall 22 ‘Biophilia’ is a reverie to nature, architecture and fashion formed in idyllic union; with the ultimate relationship being that of the wearer to her clothes and how they help her to move through the world.


From whipstitched sweaters and raw edged trousers to knit midi dresses and blouson sleeve blouses, explore the best of Biophilia now.

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