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Artist Chanel Tobler interprets the Works of Charlotte Perriand for Modernist, Summer 21

Close collaborator and Sydney based Artist, Chanel Tobler, interprets the works of Modernist's central muse, French Architect and Designer, Charlotte Perriand, in a series of sketches seen in Aje's Summer 21 lookbook and seasonal window installations.


Creating abstract renditions of Perriand's most renowned works, including the LC7 Swivel Chair, LC4 Chaise Lounge and Bibliothèque bookcase series, find reference to signature colours and shapes created with pencil, pastel & oil pastel on paper. Take a closer look with us.


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Tobler's abstract take on Perriand's Bibliothèque Bookcase series

Inspired by Perriand's bold use of primary colours and geometric shapes in her renowned Bibliothèque bookcase series, Tobler's hero work for Modernist is a surrealist take on these iconographic pieces.

Tobler's pieces captured for Summer 21 by Peter Van Alphen

Her works characterised by a frequent use of mixed media, Tobler captures the essence of both Perriand and the Modernist movement by clashing curvature with the angular and minimalist simplicity with an eye for detail, all a reflection on the overarching aesthetic principles of the time.

Perriand, responsible for some of the most renowned pieces of the 20th century, informed Tobler to conceptually derive this pairing from Perriand's LC4 Chaise Lounge, designed for Le Corbusier in 1928. Juxtaposing the sharp and angular with the organic and curved, Tobler makes a statement on Perriand's position as a pioneering woman in the male dominated profession of the time.

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