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Creative Collective | In Conversation with Our Model Muses

Meet our Model Muses

Our Model Muses cherish their movements in AJE ATHLETICA, performing to new heights whilst prioritising ultimate wellness. Introducing Abigail, Jeet, Bruna, Memu and Cassaerea who feature in the first AJE ATHLETICA campaign.


The collective talk to the Aje Report on their personal thoughts on the capsule, and share an insight into their wellness rituals.

Meet our Model Muses

How would you describe AJE ATHLETICA?


Abigail: Luxuriously worthy of my ‘body temple'. I grew up believing that my body’s wellbeing was my most prized possession, to be honoured through life. AJE ATHLETICA mirrored my love for caring for myself in every stage and age, and this gorgeous capsule actually made me feel inspired to move more!


Bruna: Fabric and design were perfect for my curvy body. AJE ATHLETICA has many options for those who are seeking to feel stylish and comfortable to perform their activities.


Memu: Breathable and light.


Jeet: AJE ATHLETICA is the perfect mix between comfort and style.


Cassaerea: Modern, versatile and comfortable.


Tell us about how AJE ATHLETICA fit and felt?


Abigail: AJE ATHLETICA felt comfortable yet silky smooth! I couldn’t stop stroking it, it was so divine!


Bruna: I felt great in mine. Couldn’t pick a favourite!


Memu: AJE ATHLETICA has many neutral tones within their capsule making an outfit easily customisable. The fabric was soft and fit in all the right ways to not only keep you looking fit, but also warm and comfortable.


Jeet: It felt super durable, soft and supportive!


Cassaerea: The jumpers and coats felt soft and were comfortable.

How do you prioritise well being into your daily routine?


Abigail: Living a healthy, organic and close-to-nature lifestyle has been my greatest priority for well over 3 decades now. The more time you make for yourself, the better you feel, and the more time you have to give to others, your dreams, and every part of your life!


Bruna: I make sure that I eat well and exercise at least twice a week as it's good for my mental health and for weeks that I’ve been busy at work. Also I make sure I have breaks from social media and enjoy my 'me' time. It's essential to be able to balance these things.


Memu: Wellbeing is a huge part of my lifestyle. I make that part of my life a priority. Even in a busy week I take time for myself, to centre myself, whether it’s going to the gym, for a walk or just laying by the sea.


Jeet: Wellbeing is a big priority in my daily routine. I usually can’t get anything done until i’ve had my self care time. It’s my favourite way to start the day.


Cassaerea: I try to exercise everyday and get some sun and fresh air.

Where would you wear your AJE ATHLETICA outfit?


Abigail: I would honestly wear these beautiful pieces anywhere! You could truly wear them anywhere as they look so effortless, and you feel so strong yet pretty in them! Plus, you never know when the opportunity might arise to squeeze in a little extra movement!


Bruna: Anywhere! There are so many options that I could wear a different one everyday of the week. But, I would probably wear it for my morning’s walk as well as the gym and even style it with a nice blazer to go out.


Memu: I think AJE ATHLETICA can be worn in many different places and not just to work out.
I would wear it running my daily errands or when going out for lunch. Mixing workout clothes into my daily outfits. The capsule is fashionable and allows you to wear it in many different ways.

Jeet: I would wear AJE ATHLETICA everywhere! Even the jumpers on a night out.


Cassaerea: To the gym and on walks.

Aje sincerely thanks our Model Muses for being a part of this memorable campaign, launching a new era for the design house.

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