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Mothers of Substance and Style

Celebrating Mothers of Substance and Style, this Mother's Day we are paying homage to the mothers and grandmothers who have come before us, paving the way for the daughters and sons of today.


In the final edition of the series, we celebrate a beautiful and intimate moment with the Creative Director of Aje, Edwina Forest. In a nod to quadruple generations of strong women, Edwina shares the invaluable lessons her mother has taught her over the years, precious childhood memories with her grandmother and the joys of being a new mum herself, on what will mark this year's celebrations the most special of all.


Sending love, hope, joy and laughter, we wish every mother the world over a wonderful day today.

Captured: Daughter Edwina Forest, Creative Director of Aje, with mother, Belinda Robinson

How are you staying connected this Mother's Day, given the current circumstances in the world?

This will be my first Mother's Day. My daughter will be seven weeks old so it will be a very special one. We are staying at a friend's country home outside of Bowral and will be relishing the blissful countryside location while supporting the local community through a little outing into town for a 'takeaway' Mother's Day breakfast. It's so important to continue to support local Australian businesses during these strange times, and it's also more important than ever to stay connected to and to be respectful of our extraordinary Earth.



What has been the lesson your mum has offered to you?

Patience. Selflessness. Humility. Unconditional love and support, and most recently my mother stayed with my husband and I for the first five weeks of our daughter's birth during isolation. Her support, love and advice during this time will be forever engrained in my consciousness.



What makes the word 'mum' so special?

It's not the word itself but the emotions it conjures. It also brings with it a sense of childhood nostalgia which instantly warms the soul.



Tell us your most memorable fashion moment - mother or grandmother.

I have the most vivid memories of my grandmother, mother and I sitting on my grandmother's beautiful four-poster bed when I must have only been about six years of age, with me trying on her beautiful winter coats. I still remember the caress of the cashmere as it engulfed me and the faint smell of her perfume which lingered on the lapel. She was such a fashionable, beautiful lady.

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