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Mother’s Of Substance and Style

Celebrating Mothers of Substance and Style, this Mother's Day we are paying homage to the mothers and grandmothers who have come before us, paving the way for the daughters and sons of today.


Edition three of the series sees us catch up with Stylist and Creative Consultant, Rachel Wayman. In a precious and intimate moment with her brood of three, she shares her view on what a gift it is to have them in her life.


We will be profiling Mothers of Substance and Style in the coming weeks. If you are a Mother of Style, or have one yourself, share your nearest and dearest images with us on Instagram using the hashtag #AjeMothersOfStyle.


Mother's Day is on Sunday the 10th of May.


Captured: Mother and Stylist Rachel Wayman with children, Ziggy, 5, Roman, 8 months and Charlee, 8

Rachel wears the Psychedelia Crop Turtleneck Jumper and Allégro Tiered Midi Skirt

Ziggy wears the Typewriter Tee, Roman wears the Aje Kids Tee and Charlee wears the Aje Ribbon Tee

How are you staying connected this Mother’s day this year, given the current circumstances in the world?

Penny - If I can’t see my Mum I'll be sending flowers and a yummy cake from her favourite bakery Flour & Stone.


How are you staying connected this Mother’s day this year, given the current circumstances in the world?

For me this current situation has reminded me what is most important in life and it is the simple things. Special times spent with family and close friends. My mum and I are incredibly close and my boys are my best little friends so this Mother's Day as long as I am with them life is good.


What has been the best lesson your Mum has offered to you?

My mum is a really special person...She is incredibly loved because of her kind heart, beautiful nature and devotion to her family and friends. I would love to be all of those things. My mum always reminds us to treat people the way you wish to be treated.


What teaching can you impart, based on your experiences as a mum of three?

Life as a mum of three is equally beautiful and exhausting. The silver lining of this current situation is that I am able to just stop and be with them. I am learning along the way but I am trying to make sure I have time alone with each of them as they all have different interests which I want to be part of and encourage.


What makes the word ‘mum' so special?

My own mother, step mother and grandmother have always made me feel so loved, as a mum I want my boys to feel as loved and as safe as I did. Being called ‘mumma' by my boys is just magic..

Tell us your most memorable fashion moment — mother or grandmother.

Growing up my mum had a wardrobe of her old clothes which my friends and I would use to play dress ups! My biggest regret is not keeping them as it was full of paisley prints which is my dream...

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