The Aje Report


Youthquake 2.0

Dedicated to a generation who dared to dream. To the iconoclasts and renegades driven by an ardent undercurrent of free love and audacious ideas.


Welcome to Youthquake 2.0, the Pre-Fall 20 collection from Aje.


An era of exploration, sharing avant-garde ideas to the wider assemblage, of challenging the establishment and a mass movement of youth walking to the beat of their own drum. Find Pre-Fall 20 flavoured with this innate and infectious sense of optimistic rebellion of the Swinging Sixties.


Like a culture perched on the cusp of the old and the new, find a vivid clashing of psychedelic prints and hand beaten leathers, of discotheque beading and off kilter corduroy. An interspersion of modern neutrals and abstract lace collide worlds with Aje’s signature exaggerated proportions and seasonal shift shapes.


An exploration of the upward, outward and forward, for the trailblazers of then who paved the way for the pioneers of now, this one is for you, Youthquake 2.0 starts now.

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