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Nowness of Then

Born of nostalgia, created for today: discover Pre-Fall 23 ‘Nowness of Then’.


Reimagining the audacious days of the 1980s, ‘Nowness of Then’ explores the universal urge to reconnect with the raw optimism of the decadent era.


Drawing on a decade loved and longed for, Aje Co-founders Edwina Forest and Adrian Norris reflected on the notion of memories lived, invented and recreated; envisioning a collection through the lens of heightened reminiscence and irreverent imagination.


Tapping into a cultural undercurrent craving nostalgia with a modern mood, the collection revels in a series of contrasts, clashing contemporary draping with retro-style prints, high-shine fabrics with rich matte textures, and structured lines with abstract ruched accents.

Asra Pleated Frill Midi Dress

Left to right: Altitude Trench Coat, Zita Split Front Tapered Pant and Mirage Leather Strappy Heel; Stanhope Vegan Leather Top, Stanhope Midi Skirt and Mirage Leather Strappy Heel.

Marianne Ruched Midi Dress

River Vegan Leather Shirt and River Vegan Leather Pants

From left to right: Ryka Hardware Shirt, Elements Flared Pant and Quinn Ribbon Heel Ankle Boot; Baret Strapless Mini Dress and Mirage Strappy Leather Heel

Echo Mini Shirt Dress

Inspired by iconic films of the ‘80s, new-age power suiting leads the way, punctuating Working Girl tailoring with sleek waist cut-outs and interwoven chains while bold shoulders lift bias-cut blazers.

From left to right: Kingsford Shirt, Myrtle Utility Culotte; Baret Sleeved Mini Dress.

Moonglade Pierced Top and Moonglade Bias Maxi Skirt

Pretty in Pink
prom dresses get a modern makeover via sculpted seam lines and unexpected tapering, with vintage-style occasionwear elevated through voluminous organza layers and intricate cartridge pleats.

Constellation Pearl Trim Coat

Florence Pearl Trim Midi Dress

Mastermind Blazer, Interlace Midi Skirt and Quinn Ribbon Heel Ankle Boot

Valentina Strapless Bow Top

Rebellion Coat

Edging towards the turn of the decade and early ’90s sensuality, faux leather finds form in oversized shirting, relaxed corsetry and A-line skirts, paring back with sharply panelled indigo denim.

From left to right: Opal Backless Chainlink Jacket and Opal Chainlink Flared Chainlink Pant; Gabrielle Plunge Midi Dress

Monica Chainlink Mini Dress

Gabrielle Plunge Mini Dress

In a nod to the era’s daring extremes, deep burgundy tones and champagne creams coexist with shimmering spearmint and electric pink; injections of pearlescent trims and organic gold hardware add an air of opulence.

Opal Backless Chainlink Jacket and Opal Chainlink Flared Chainlink Pant

Willa Pearl Pin Denim Shirt and Willa Wide Leg Jeans

From left to right: Crescent Knit Midi Dress; Wattle Off Shoulder Dress

Flourisher Braided Shirt and Osa Braided Mini Dress

Gabrielle Plunge Mini Dress

Immerse yourself in ‘Nowness of Then’: an iconic era, a modern vision, a moment to remember.

Photographer: James Tolich

Videographer: Dylan Buzolich

Hair: Julia Homard

Makeup: Isabella Schimid

Models: Evie Ashby & Jordan Rand

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