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Style Editor and Entrepreneur | Sofía Paramio Delgado

A fixture on the Spanish style scene, respected editor and creative entrepreneur with multiple businesses to her name: Sofía Paramio Delgado is the epitome of an Aje Insider.


Formerly the fashion editor for the likes of Vogue and Harper’s BAZAAR Spain, these days Sofía spends her time as a co-founder at the helm of numerous ventures, including communications consulting agency All About Management; its publishing arm and Spain’s first digital magazine, All About Magazine; and her wine and spirits label, Juliet’s Golden Rosé.


To celebrate the most recent arrivals from Pre-Fall 22 ‘Biophilia’ — a collection partly inspired by aspects of Spanish architecture — Aje caught up with the Madrid-based native, who styled and captured its latest looks against some of the city’s greatest architectural icons.


From sharing an Aje Insider’s perspective on personal style, to her must-visit places in Spain and talking life as a creative co-founder, read on for our conversation with the inimitable Sofía Paramio Delgado and see her take on the newest pieces from Pre-Fall 22.

Your creative outputs sit across various different platforms and businesses, from working with Vogue and Harper’s BAZAAR to co-founding All About Management. How would you describe your career journey and how you have been spending your time recently?


I have always been interested in the world of fashion, and when I had to choose my degree, I decided to focus on journalism and the communications industry. That's why all the steps I've taken have been related to it. I was fashion editor at Vogue Spain for four years, then I collaborated with Harper's Bazaar for a while, until finally I co-founded All About Management, which is what I'm focused on now, together with two wonderful partners. We are a team of 14 people dedicated to fashion and beauty communication, in a communication and influencer representation agency that I enjoy and have a lot of fun with.

You photographed ‘Biophilia’ against the backdrop of some of Madrid’s most iconic architectural marvels. Can you share with us some of your favourite things to do/places to visit in Madrid?

If you come to Madrid, a visit to the Museo Nacional del Prado is a must, as well as a stroll through the gardens of El Retiro, without forgetting to ride on the boats on the lake, or in the botanical garden to discover many types of plants and flowers. In addition, the National Library is a marvel and the natural science museum is great fun if you go with children.

Where in Spain are your favourite places to…


… See?

My husband is from Galicia, a community in the north of Spain where we always go in summer. It is certainly a great destination to discover its villages and visit Sanxenxo, Baiona and take the opportunity to visit Santiago de Compostela and its cathedral. The food in Galicia is a real pleasure — you can't leave without trying the fish and the padrón peppers.


… Eat?

In Madrid, I love Fismuler — from 11pm they have live music and their cheesecake is one of the best in town. I also love Charrúa, for a romantic date in its dim light. I love to go at night with my husband. At the same time, for a weekend, the Atrio Hotel in Cáceres is perfect and their Michelin-starred restaurant is one of the best I have ever eaten at. Also, their breakfast is one to remember.

A classic weekend getaway in Spain is the Landa in Burgos. Their heated pool, their eggs with morcilla, their olives — one of my favorites, without a doubt. And if you get lost in the islands, in Formentera, I’ve had many funny anecdotes with my friends — and a few drinks too many — in El Beso (Beso Beach). For a place to be seen in, enjoy and have a great time, [I suggest] Blue Bar, Can Carlos and Can Carlitos.

… Stay?

In Spain, there are a thousand options: Marbella Club, Can Tres in Formentera, La Residencia in Deiá in Mallorca, La Bionda in Begur, Costa Brava; the emblematic Ritz Hotel in Madrid, Finca Cortesín; or Bahía del Duque in the Canary Islands.

Biophilia is inspired by the intersection of nature, architecture and fashion. What memories spring to mind when we evoke…

… Your first childhood memory of fashion?

My mother took me to a fashion show at Madrid Fashion Week, which used to be called Cibeles, when I was five years old. I remember that I had a lot of fun and it stuck in my memory.

… Meaningful time spent in nature?

Whole days at the beach with my cousins, or the weekends when I was very little at the house my grandparents had in the countryside. I still remember those moments every time I step on that beach.

… Architecture that inspires your sense of nostalgia and wonder?

I love Neoclassical buildings. Madrid abounds in that style of architecture, and it never goes out of fashion. That it survives the passage of time is just as admirable.

Tell us about the process of creating All About Magazine. What sparked the idea?

All About Magazine was created in order to give voice to all those topics that we talk about every day in the team, and that we think our audience on Instagram might be interested in. [It’s] one more way to raise awareness of the All About brand, which has been growing, and currently gives us a lot of joy, allowing us to connect much more with people.


Which pieces from Aje’s Pre-Fall 22 ‘Biophilia’ collection are you most drawn to? Where do you see yourself wearing these looks?

I love the small ‘openings’ in the Aje pieces. I identify them as one of your hallmarks, and at the same time, they are very connected with my style. I love that your designs are feminine, sensual, elegant and somewhat bohemian at the same time. I love the ‘Biophillia’ dresses, as well as the top and skirt sets. I'm in love with Aje.

How do you describe your personal style? Where do you draw your style inspiration from?

I love feeling confident and empowered in the pieces I wear — finding that point between sophistication, sensuality and femininity.


What are the key markers of Spanish style? Does your style differ depending on where you’re living/travelling in Spain?

I think that, in Spain, we find our style somewhere between Latin and European style. We love neutral or dark colors, but at the same time, strong ones; and we enjoy a lot with accessories, as well as dressing up a lot for a special occasion.

What are your fail-safe wardrobe staples?


A pair of jeans that feel good, the perfect white T-shirt and a blazer — along with a dress that I feel like myself in.

Has your style changed or developed since becoming a mother?

No, I don't think my style has changed at all since becoming a mother. In fact, I like that it hasn't changed. It makes me ‘remain’ myself.

And lastly, what is next for you? What excites you about the future?

I really enjoy watching my daughter grow, and discovering her personality day by day. At the same time, on a work level, we have several projects in mind that I am looking forward to seeing how they develop. I feel that each stage has its charm and I am looking forward to everything that is to come on a personal and professional level.

Shop the latest from Pre-Fall 22 ‘Biophilia’, as seen on Sofía, here.

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