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Reinvent. Reframe. Recreate.


Aje’s Spring 21 collection, entitled ‘Reimagination’ is an exploration of reflection and re-emergence.


At the prospect of reinvention in the wake of a changed world, Aje Co-Founders, Adrian Norris and Edwina Forest became enticed by the idea of rebirth - allowing themselves to become lost in Aje’s heritage and sentiments of the past, only to emerge with a renewed sense of joie de vivre, and passion for creation in the present.

As evident in nature, where bodies of water form and reform in a show of ever-changing beauty, the falling apart and coming together of ideas lead to fresh perspectives, sprung anew.

Aje Co-Founders played with notions of effortless maximalism, reworking silhouettes of old, and experimenting with techniques of today. Each reinterpreted piece, a gift to the wearer, with elements of past and present, to be treasured long into the future.

Find notes of unexpected hand beaded fringe embellishments, mismatched buttons, hand washed patchwork denim intertwined with a vibrant palette of yellows and pinks, blues and greens.

The Relic Beaded Midi Dress, arriving in July

The Idealist Shirt with the Serendipity Pant and the Idyllic Wrap Top with the Idyllic Skirt arriving July

Seasonal techniques such as contrast long hand stitch embroidery, handcrafted pintucks for dramatic pleating and digitally transferred hand painted prints in dip dye tulle continue to add to this elaborate show of optimistic reimagination.

The Freecycle Denim Dress arriving in July

A perennial symbol of rebirth, the wearer emerges from this pool of reflection, brighter and more beautifully adorned than ever before.

Campaign Photographer: Adrian Price @ Saunders & Co

Videographer: Gemma De Maria

Creative Director: Edwina Forest

Producer and Stylist: Ashton Eramya

Makeup: Isabella Schimid @ Assembly Agency

Hair: Julia Homard

Models: Aleisha Scanlon @ Vivien’s and Astrid Holler @ Priscillas

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