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Go Inside | Apéritif Hour with Aje

Set in the streets of The Marais, guests joined co-founders Adrian Norris and Edwina Forest in the Aje Paris Showroom to preview Spring 24 ‘Memento’ and mark Paris Fashion Week.


Arriving in Aje, close friends of the brand, muses and tastemakers gathered for bespoke apéritifs and canapés provided by Zélikha Dinga from Caro Diario, bursting floral displays by acclaimed artist Louis-Géraud Castor and a captivating performance by leading UK DJ Kim Turnbull.


Guests included Leonie Hanne and bestselling author Tinx – arriving in soon-to-be released styles from the upcoming collection: Pre-Fall 24 ‘Linea’.


An unforgettable evening in the City of Light, take a glimpse into the ‘Apéritif Hour with Aje’ celebration, as captured through the lens of photographer Eseniia Araslanova.


Leonie Hanne wears the Verve Trench Coat (coming soon)

Tsutsumi Hoang wears the Dimension Knit Midi Dress (coming soon)

Edwina Forest wears the Transept Iridescent Dress (coming soon)

Nina Sandbech wears the Dimension Textural Knit Skivvy (coming soon)

Kim Turnbull wears the Estrade Pleated Crop Shirt (coming soon)

Sabina Socol wears the Soleil Lace Mindi Dress (coming soon)

Camille Pidoux wears the Oriel Ruched Bustier (coming soon)

Left to right: Dominique Elissa wears the Holt Cut Out Ring Midi Dress; Roberta Pecoraro wears the Impressionist Tie Back Jacket and Flared Pant; Sarah Ellen wears the Expressive Pleated Top and Gracious Pant.

Coming Soon

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