Embodying the evolution and essence of Aje, Resort 24 ‘Element’ reimagines fifteen years of house design codes. Signatures from the early years reemerge refreshed: ivory denim with hand-embroidered patchwork; exaggerated whip-stitching across necklines and seams; and floating dresses with plissé pleats, wire hems, and gathered ruffle accents.

Flowing from cool neutrals to earthy brights, more recent eras’ defining elements appear midway, with hand-painted prints, sculptural accessories and asymmetrical tucks heightening summer dresses, ottoman rib swimwear and bodices. A distinctive sense of deconstruction hums throughout, echoed in external seams on oversized tailoring; organically draped tucks and folds, and latticework motifs made from bias-cut strips of raw-edged chiffon.

Sitting at the heart of the collection, party dressing is uplifted through ombré cascades of hand-beaded sequins, knife pleat frills and delicately ruched tiers; a vibrant nod to the house’s contemporary core.