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Helen Kaminski x Aje | An interview with Head Designer Pernille Sejer

Heritage millinery meets effortless cool, in celebration of Helen Kaminski x Aje, the collaboration, we sit down with Head Designer, Pernille Sejer.


With a shared value of craftsmanship and artisanal detail, Pernille explores the sustainable origins of the premiere Aleeya Visor, the design considerations and techniques that went into the piece's creation, how to style your visor and 'illuminate' the festive season this year.


Discover the Helen Kaminski x Aje Aleeya Visor here.

As head of design at Helen Kaminski for six years, can you describe the heritage and sustainable aspects of the brand?


Since the beginning in 1983, Helen Kaminski has always held its people and the planet close to its core. We mainly use raffia, the cornerstone of the brand, which is sustainably harvested by hand in its native Madagascar, ensuring the plant remains intact to regenerate. Each piece is then expertly handcrafted by our artisans, maintaining a uniqueness.


Our brand to this day is committed to reducing our environmental footprint, increasing our social contribution and promoting the spirit of giving.



What design considerations or techniques did you take when working with Aje on the Aleeya visors?


The Aleeya visor is a true fusion of craftspersonship, design, colour and style. Using sustainably harvested raffia, our artisans braid continuous coils ensuring that there are no visible joins. The result is a seamless finish across a 3/4 brim visor that mirrors the silhouette of our best-selling cloche. We then married this shape with the hues of Aje’s Resort collection, Chroma to create a feminine yet contemporary piece.



How do you see the Aje woman styling her Aleeya Visor?


We see the Aje woman evoking her strong femininity wearing the Aleeya with a voluminous dress or just as well with a logo tee and relaxed denim. The key is to present her effortless style in a relaxed yet considered way.

With many Australians celebrating Christmas locally this season, what does your ideal Australian Christmas Day look and feel like for you?


Australia has had so much devastation in the last year, my Christmas wish is simple; to be surrounded with our nearest and dearest (if possible) and to share a day full of joy, gratefulness and lots of sunshine, with a visor on of course!



Do you have a local holiday escape you could share with us, a secret hideaway or beach gem?


Not so much a secret, but definitely a favourite, is Kangaroo Valley. I love taking my son out to my friend Carys’ farm where he can roam wild in the fresh air, discover the local wildlife and return home to some delicious local produce and a glass of good wine for mum.



How can the Aje family and customers ‘illuminate’ their own festive season this year?


Promote the spirit of giving; that doesn’t necessarily mean gifts but to do something unexpected for one another. A lot of us have had a tough year, and there’s nothing that can light up someone’s eyes than surprising someone with a little kindness and generosity.

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