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NAIDOC Week 2020

This NAIDOC Week, Aje acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we work, live and learn, and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander custodians across Australia. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. We recognise the leadership of all First Nations people around the world, their deep connection to the land and the wisdom the Aboriginal people of Australia have held for over 65,000 years.


In celebration of NAIDOC Week we ask Aje Insiders, Madeleine Madden, Lillian Banks and Samantha Harris 'How does your heritage influence your craft and creativity?'

Dancers for Bangarra Dance Theatre, Lillian Banks and Tyrel Lloyd. Captured by Hannah Scott-Stevenson for Impermanence SS20

Actor, Madeleine Madden

'As the oldest continuous culture in the world, story telling is an integral part of our culture as Aboriginal people. This knowledge or life experience is passed down through many different mediums and I’ve been so blessed to have grown up around so many brilliant artists and storytellers who have inspired me to do what I do today.'

Madeleine Madden

'My heritage is a big part of my craft and creativity because it is me and who I am. I draw influence through my culture stories and ancestors. I feel like I have a responsibility telling our stories and keeping it alive through my dance, and being able to share these stories to everyone all around the world. It is such an amazing feeling for my spirit to be able to come out and guide me through it all.'

Lillian Banks

Dancer for Bangarra Dance Theatre, Lillian Banks. Captured by Hannah Scott-Stevenson for Impermanence SS20

Model, Samantha Harris

'It’s a whole week celebrating the indigenous culture. It’s the oldest living culture in the world. I’m so proud to be an aboriginal woman and share all the amazing things we have to offer; dance, Dreamtime stories so much more. The more people learn about the indigenous culture the more they’ll realise how special it really is.'

Samantha Harris

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